Monday, June 14, 2010

Stamp Camp Welcome Sign & Favors...

I still can't believe that the 3 day weekend has gone by so quickly, but that's what happens when you're so busy. My girls had a hula performance on both Friday & Saturday night out in Waikiki for the Pan-Pacific Hula Festival and DD2 also had a karate exam on Saturday. But to top it all off, yesterday was our Summer Stamp Camp! Whew... can't believe I survived the weekend! Boy, do I need a vacation! Okay enough rambling. Here is the welcome sign that I created for our stamp camp. I actually started off making an ice cream truck to match the favors, but let's just say that it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to... hehehe! So this is what I came up with, an ice cream cone.

This picture is quite blurry, but I tried to take a close up picture of the cone to show how I scored the cone.

This is the back of the sign. I had some extra mints after packing the favors so I decided to make a box to hold them in and attached it to the sign.

These are the favors that I made. I love these ready made boxes... super easy to use! All I needed to do was use the Sweet Scoops stamp set to decorate it. Thanks for stopping by. Check back tomorrow to see the projects that were made at out Stamp Camp.


  1. Brenda love the ice cream favors and sign!! Super yummy! Have a great day!

  2. You always make the best signs and favors for the stamp camps! I'm bummed that I've been missing them!! Hope to be able to make it to another one soon! You did a great job on these!!

  3. What a great sign & matching favors! Luv those favor boxes & that ice cream stamp! So, so cute!

  4. I see it, I see it! I see the score lines on your cone! That's so cool Brenda! Hey, was that karate exam at Pearl City Highlands? There were so many people and so many parked cars this past Saturday . . . anyway, I'm hoping to meet you at the library. That's if I can get up and get my butt out the door. :) (I'll be helping my gf with a diaper cake and you know how that goes right? No work and just talk, talk, talk!)

  5. Another busy mom! I love your Stamp Camp sign (looks more like a centerpiece) and your favors! So cute!

  6. OMG! This is so cute! I love the sign you made. This ice cream set is growing on me. I was trying to not get it but it is really sweet!