Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My August Swap & A RAK...

Here is the swap I created for our meeting this month. I used the Make A Monster set for this card. If you're wondering why my monster doesn't have a mouth, it's because this swap was created with the help of DD3. She chose the colors and the set. I let her choose the monster and she said she only wanted the one eyeball to be stamped... nothing else. She claims that since he's a monster, he doesn't need a mouth... hehehe! Mouth, or no mouth, I still think he turned out kind of cute!

This is a RAK that I received from my friend Beth. She is always so sweet to think of me. I love how she decorated the little jar with Hello Kitty. I guess it's time for me to start using my Cricut again. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. what a cute monster card! love that he has no mouth! I think he's less scary...and more fun with the googly eye...lol! what a lovely HK rak you got. so much fun to recieve those. have a good Tuesday!

  2. DD3 has a good "eye" for monsters! LOL! It's BOB from Monsters vs Aliens!! Love the color & the card layout! Shucks..I miss going to the meetings. Have a grand day!

  3. Omg it is Bob from Monsters vs Aliens! I didn't know that you knew him, lol. I will have to make the next meeting so I can get one of your cards, lol! So Joni's going to come to your house while we go paddle boarding ;0)!


  4. Cute one-eyed monster card here beautifully colored by DD3! How nice for mom and daughter to create together...gotta start them young so you never run out of supplie eh? LOL! She did a great job and the recipient will be so happy! That's a lovely HK RAK you received. You deserve it so enjoy it! Hugs, Cami

  5. Now that is one cute card, I think my nephew would love this. Thank DD3 for the inspiration!