Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Island Girls Social 2...

I was lucky enough to attend the Island Girls Social 2 this weekend that was hosted by Teri. She did a wonderful job coordinating everything and I want her to know that we all really appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into this fabulous day. Thank you also to Tamiko's for all the goodies that we received when we checked in. It was a nice day of relaxation and crafting with friends. Who could have asked for more? Thank you Teri, Tamiko, and the rest of the gang for putting together such a fun event!

Teri decided to organize a card contest using the colors in Tamiko's logo... pink, green, & black. At first I wasn't planning on entering the contest, but when I read that the cards would be donated to a local charity... how could I resist? So I decided to create a flamingo punch art for my card. I think I've been having a lot of animals on my mind since we've been learning about zoo animals with my daycare and my DD3 will be celebrating her 5th birthday with a party at the zoo. There were so many beautiful entries and I was surprised to hear that my card won 3rd place! Yay!

Here are 3 out of the 4 projects that we made that day. I didn't get a chance to put them together until after I came home because I was too busy chatting with some friends. That is when I realized that I forgot to take a set of flowers for the 2nd gift card holder. Great food, great projects, and most of all... great friends!


  1. cute card~! congrats on winning 3rd for that cute flamingo card! hope you have a great day!

  2. Thank you for submitting this so very cute card! I love your punch creations Brenda! Glad you enjoyed yourself on Saturday!

  3. cute creations! We totally enjoyed your punch creations! It is always inspiring!

  4. Great card Brenda! I was so bummed that I didn't get to actually meet you at the social but I did recognize you, next time I'll make sure to say hello. Thanks for always sharing your creative ideas, happy crafting!

  5. Your card was the first one I saw as completely AWESOME!! I love the scene you created with all of those punches and cute flamingo!! Wonderful punch art as always!
    Jodi =)