Friday, September 11, 2009

September OCS

This was my first time participating in Teri's OCS and I will definitely continue to sign up for it. My partner this month was Jamee and I knew she was a big fan of Twilight so that's kind of where I got my inspiration for the card.

This is the card that Jamee sent me. I really love this 5 x 5 card and the images she sent along with the card. It sure put a smile on my face right when I needed it! Thanks Jamee! And thanks to Teri for setting up the OCS.


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are sooo fast! I didn't even have time to think about my card yet. Great job on both!

  2. The card is so beautiful!! Got to see it IRL, and it is such a pretty card, Love the pink & black! Jamee sure was excited when she saw Edward on it. Very creative.

  3. Love both cards! You guys are the fastest cardmakers in town!

  4. Wowee! You guys were fast. My OCS partner just exchanged e-mails & happy thoughts. Okay, you guys set the bar really high this month.

    Love the card for Jamee. So appropriate. She must have it on her desk.

  5. I can just see the drool coming out of Jamee's mouth! LOL! Great job on your card. I better get started on my card too.

  6. Both cards are great! Cool how both cards are almost the same color combo.
    Was good seeing you today!

  7. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this card you made for Jamee!!! OH MY Goodness, I adore Edward!!
    Jodi =)