Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas RAKS...

Look at what I received from 1LuvnMama! Isn't this the cutest? It will surely come in handy. Please don't forget to check out her blog. She has some great stuff to share and will definitely inspire you! Thanks again 1LuvnMama!

This is the box of goodies that I received from Michelle. Look at how much goodies could fit into this little box! I just need to get me one of these dies. Just think of all the possibilities! Please check out Michelle's blog to see more of her creations!

This is a picture of the outside of the box. I know, I should have put this picture first... but I guess I'm just a little backwards. Anyways, thanks for stopping by...


  1. great CRAKS from such dear friends! how wonderful it is to receive...but I know it is more fun to give! hope your Christmas went well and have a blessed year in 2010! hugs~ joy

  2. Ummmm, what awesome CRAKs! Happy New Year, Brenda!

  3. Another round of fabulous RAKs!!! i still have to put more recipes in my box... i have about 20 in there so far... love the box from Michelle!! awesome creations! =D hugs, kris

  4. Brenda~
    Glad you're enjoying your CRAKS! :)
    See what Michelle started with "CRAKS"!!! Can't wait to see more of them in your next post!

  5. You're so deserving of your CRAK! Both boxes are cool! I gotta get CRAKin'! haha!

  6. Hey Brenda! Glad you liked the craks, lol! I love mine and so did my dog, lol! Have a wonderful New Years!