Monday, August 15, 2011

Dusting Off Hello Kitty...

This weekend I was able to squeeze in some crafting time with my girls. Of course, they wanted to make Hello Kitty stuff... but then again, who wouldn't? Anyways, we made a couple of cards and decorated some SU boxes with the Hello Kitty that we cut out using the big shot. These were kept simple since my littlest one doesn't have much of an attention span yet and quickly found my paper snips and wanted to cut my cardstock instead. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Too cute Brenda! Yes, who in their right mind wouldn't like HK? Can't wait to see you girl . . . it's been so long!

  2. Oh so adorable, I can't image anyone not loving these Brenda! How fun it must have been making these with your DDs! Love that box!

  3. This Hello Kitty is just so ADORABLE. I love it.


  4. oooooh!!! me love!! Aloha HK is my FAVE... and you dressed her so beautifully!! awesome time to create with your girls! precious moments counts!