Monday, January 11, 2010

RAK From 1LuvnMama...

Yay! I was one of the lucky recipients of 1LuvnMama's adorable notepad and matching card set! The funny thing is that I received it the same day she received the Panda punch art address book that I sent! It was a total surprise, but so worth it since I was having a rough day. It sure brought smiles to my face. My hubby was cracking himself up when he brought in the mail. As he handed it over to me he said "To Sweet As A Gumdrop; From 1LuvnMama!" Yes, he has a weird sense of humor... but I guess I love him anyways.


  1. Lucky girl!! You SO deserve it!! Glad Phil enjoyed your happy mail too! :-)

  2. Your hubby . . . too funny! :) 1LuvnDad just doesn't get the secret names (he, he!) Thanks again for the pandas SWEETIE!